Kaarna Living

By combining heritage artisan ship with modern design we create high quality, small batch knitwear collections that remove employment barriers for women.

Born out of a small studio on the west coast of Canada, we create collections that reflect our lifestyle and natural surroundings. Our collections are based off a less is more philosophy. The simplicity we seek in our daily lives translates into our design process. We strip our assortment down to what we believe to be the essentials-versatile, easy to wear, timeless garments. Compiled of our best performing styles in customized yarns, our edited collections are designed to live in harmony with the modern woman and fill holes in a conscious wardrobe.

We choose to work with fibres native to Peru including baby alpaca blends and pima cotton. We select fibres based on their environmental properties, luxurious hand and durability. We source our raw materials from various suppliers in Peru who are committed to supporting local farmers, communities and families in developing regions of Peru.

Hours of work go into each Bare Knitwear garment. Each piece, carefully crafted celebrates the unique skill of the artisan who made it. By using artisan techniques we are are able to contribute to the employment of 150-300 female artisans in Peru each year and preserve Andean tradition.

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