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Kalifornian valkoinen salvia
Kalifornian valkoinen salvia
Kalifornian valkoinen salvia
Kalifornian valkoinen salvia
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Origin: California (Native American sage)
Plant: Salvia Apiana
A 10 cm torch. Indicative weight: between 15 and 20 grams.

This native California white sage is the most famous of all sage. It is a hardy plant, which grows on the sandy soils of the Californian deserts.
California white sage leaves are picked, dried, then rolled and tied for optimal fumigation. The smudge presentation is convenient to use.
Our partner guarantees the origin, authenticity and eco-responsibility of our white sage.
The scent is natural, it is that of the plant. No fragrance has been added.
The method of harvesting and the strict guarantees provide a high quality white sage.


White Sage has been used since the dawn of time to perform fumigation and purification rituals.
Native Americans consider white sage to be a sacred plant. They use it during purification & protection rituals, and during religious ceremonies, deaths and births.
Tradition says that its smoke purifies the atmosphere and drives out negative waves, thus raising the vibratory rate of houses and their inhabitants. Fumigation, according to tradition, drives out evil spirits and offers us well-being and protection.

The first time you perform a fumigation ritual, we recommend that you pass the White Sage torch throughout your home and / or workplace, room after room.
Take a bowl (or ideally an abalone shell) with you to collect the ashes, light the end of the bundle, shake it lightly so there is no flame, only a soft smoke, and fumigate.
Do not forget the angles, the table mats, the pieces of water etc.
Perform this ritual with the windows closed, let the smoke act for a few hours, then ventilate fully.

Once your home has been purified, burn white sage regularly, especially after an unwanted visit, a family dispute, an unpleasant phone call, etc.

Tradition also suggests carrying out a “sage shower” on you to purify your aura. Light the sage torch as for house fumigation, and gently run it from your shoes high above your head, sweeping away your entire aura, about 12 inches away from your body.

Likewise, when you bring a new object into your home, tradition suggests having it take a "sage shower" before using it, to purify it.

Precautions for use: do not use in the presence of young children, people with asthma or suffering from pulmonary pathologies that the smoke could inconvenience. Take the same precautions as with a candle for a fire. After fumigation, allow the white sage torch to stand under supervision on a support that does not risk igniting.

The packaging.
Minimalist, for less waste.
Designated by our freelance graphic designer, in France.
Printed in Riom, locally, 15 km from the soap factory.
Eco-responsible ink.
Made from 100% recycled paper, zero plastic.
Natural twine.
Assembled in France, in our Auvergne workshop.

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